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ELA Accelerator
Next Cohort Starts June 2024!

Watching Video Lecture

Class Starts Tuesday, June 4th  Tuesdays at 7:00pm EST

Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level? Join us for an immersive 4-week workshop series designed to equip you with the essential leadership skills needed to drive your business forward.

As an entrepreneur, you've already mastered the art of innovation and ambition, but what about leadership? Many entrepreneurs find themselves thrust into leadership roles without proper training or guidance. In this workshop series, we'll bridge that gap by providing you with the tools, knowledge, and insights to become a confident and effective leader.


Week 1: Management and Leadership: Explore the difference between management and leadership, and how to balance both roles effectively. Gain practical skills for inspiring and motivating your team, setting clear expectations, and fostering a culture of accountability.

Week 2: Hiring and Onboarding: Learn how to attract top talent, provide an effective and inclusive interview process, and onboard new team members for maximum impact. Discover strategies for building a cohesive and high-performing team from day one.

Week 3: Process and Procedures: Streamline your operations and increase efficiency by implementing effective processes and procedures. Learn how to identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and create systems that support sustainable growth.

Week 4: Networking: Expand your professional network and leverage relationships to propel your business forward. Discover proven networking strategies, master the art of relationship-building, and unlock new opportunities for collaboration and growth, especially for the introverted.

Each week, you'll participate in interactive sessions, engaging discussions, and hands-on exercises designed to reinforce learning and drive real-world results. Including guest speakers and provided with a free virtual assistant for each cohort. By the end of the workshop series, you'll emerge with the confidence, skills, and knowledge needed to lead you and your business to leadership mastery.

Over the course of four weeks, we will explore key areas that are critical for entrepreneurial success:

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